Rob D’Anastasio – Alpine Bouldering Season

Alpine season around Boulder, Colorado is in full effect right now.  Areas like Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Mount Evans, and Lincoln Lake are receiving their daily thunder showers, wildflowers are flourishing, and… Continue reading

Todd Swain: Developing In The Mountains

  Long-time Mad Rock athlete Todd Swain is a seasoned developer and guide writer. Swain writes to us about an adventure in the Sierra Nevadas: Two years ago I spied a wall in California’s Sierra Nevada that… Continue reading

Athlete Profile: Michael O’Rourke

Megan Mascarenas: WC in Vail

Hello everybody! I am very excited to talk about my most recent experiences of the 2014 world cup in Vail, Colorado.

O’Rourke in Elkland

Tiffany Hensley: Dreaming & Training With Two Jobs

… It’s not so bad. Anyone can work full time and train hard for their projects. The other week I listened to Beyondtalks at a local brewery. TNF’s MountainAthletics program, with Cedar Wright… Continue reading

Athlete Profile: Zach Lerner

A look at Pro Athlete Zach Lerner’s real job (aside from climbing in Thailand and sending V14).

Zach Lerner: Tattooed Teardrops V13 in Lincoln Lake

A mini video of Zach on a beautiful compression problem.

Mike Dobie: Developing in Keketuohai

Keketuohai has always held a special place in my heart. It isn’t just its peaceful setting, nomadic peoples and camels, or the untouched granite comparable to the sierras. It was a dream for… Continue reading

Jesse Grupper: First 14a and Youth Nat’l Win

Jesse Grupper goes on the road to send his first .14a, and win his first youth nationals.

Peter Dixon: Can Algae Help Climbing?

Hippocrates is famous for saying “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Spirulina, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lions Mane are much more than food.   Like most dedicated climbers out… Continue reading

Steven Lozano: Tangan, the Developer’s Gold Mine

Chris Kalman: The Murder of the Guidebook

Chris Kalman gets heated about the historical loss of sandbagging.

Christopher Miller: Australian Adventures

My Australian road trip began in Victoria accompanied by two of my best friends, Bryn Thomas and William Chan. Our first stop was Mount Arapiles, a sandstone trad mecca. We quickly took to… Continue reading

Athlete Profile Tiffany Hensley

Mad Rock Team Manager Tiffany Hensley made a life-changing leap by moving into a large 2005 Dodge Sprinter with her dog Tashtego, and taking a six month rock climbing trip to blog and… Continue reading

Megan Mascarenas: June Blog

16-year-old Megan just won 4th in the World Cup, and writes her thoughts about climbing.

Zach Lerner: The Thailand Report

      While the video I made of climbing in Thailand was a good representation of the trip, I’d like to share a bit more about my experience. 

Peter Dixon: “Get Raw” Nutrition

Mad Rock’s knowledgeable vegan breaks down the reasons he drinks raw juice for his competitions.

Obe Carrion: Into Design

  I’ve always been interested in design, and like everyone else, I’ve always wanted to contribute my interpretation of products with my own style, flair, and attitude to the climbing industry. Now, I find… Continue reading

Alyssa Erickson: Climbing Outdoor Ethics with Kids

Mad Rock Team Member Alyssa Erickson talks about outdoors ethics with your family, and has some insight into what helps families get outdoors and stay stress-free.