Plesser Brothers: LRC and Rocktown // Video

Brothers Michael and Jonathon Plesser travel south for the winter to climb on beautiful, sweet sandstone.

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Guittoo Beasts Bishop, Rocks Red Rocks

Guillaume Glairon Mondet sending V12s in two famous bouldering areas in California.

Rob D’Anastasio: A Proposal For New ABS Scoring

Rob D talks about a potential new scoring equation for ABS Nationals to avoid this years’ controversy.

Todd Swain: Climbing Near Mexico City

A visit to Mineral de Chico, Mexico’s first national park.

Zach Lerner: Pro Team in Vegas

Zach Lerner and the Pro Team traveled to Red Rocks, Las Vegas for some hard sends.

Power Your Dream: Gear Giveaway

Power your dream to get away! Apply for a solar and climbing gear package from Voltaic Systems, Mad Rock, and Princeton Tec.

Rob D’Anastasio: Winter Transition

Winter is a time when many climbers shift their focus from the great outdoors and into the gym.  Although the cold season may put a damper on one’s more preferred climbing pursuits, it’s… Continue reading

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet: Objectives for 2015/2016!

For a few months you’ve had no news on my blog, because I needed to review my approach to climbing in general, and also to the competitions. There has been much change in my… Continue reading

Peter Dixon: May The Force Be With You

In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker must learn to harness the “Force”, a mystical power latent in all things, including himself.  In yogic practices, this power is often referred to as Prana… Continue reading

Climb to Heaven in Canarien Islands: Tenerifflow

A Punter in Paradise

A short and funny video of a campervan trip to Font!

Jonas Winter: NINJA Problem in Tenerife

Peter Dixon: The Magic of Climbing

The magic of climbing comes to those who seek it.  It can show itself in many forms.  What we find is both mysterious and aloof, sometimes granting us glimpses of a grander self,… Continue reading

Lencho Palstra: Fontainebleau

See more fun photos from Dutch youth climber Lencho Palstra in Font.

Alpine Bouldering: Christopher Miller, Mike Dobie

High elevation bouldering expedition in Sichuan/Tibet

One Week in Chironico From Climb to Heaven

A video by Jonas Winter.

RedLine Pro Review: Peter Dixon

A RedLine review from Peter Dixon, who just placed 2nd at Portland Boulder Rally.

Peter Dixon: Confessions of a Competitive Climber

Peter Dixon just won 2nd in the Portland Boulder Rally. Here’s his confessions.

Zack Lerner Crushing on Video

Zach sends No More Greener Grasses and flashes Clear Blue Skies.