Zach Lerner Flashes Body Count V12 in Switzerland!

After arriving to two days of non stop rain, the weather here in the Swiss Alps improved considerably.  Summer is in full effect now, with swimming in the river more appealing than sweating off holds during the afternoons.  Except for when you actually get in the water, and realize that it’s like swimming in snow.  Needless to say, I’ve been seeking out problems located where cold air comes through the caverns below. The other day I was fortunate enough to succeed on a flash attempt of a compression problem called Body Count.  After talking with locals, the grade consensus seems to be 8A+ (V12).  Whenever I seem to flash a problem of this difficulty (which is rare), I’m always surprised at how effortless it feels during that attempt.  I strive for moments when everything clicks like this!
Kenny, thanks again for getting the mad-pads here.  It was a pleasure not having to travel here with them, especially considering the amount of stuff my girlfriend packed into our bags.
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