Zach Lerner

 Two years ago I had an internship here at the Institute for Biomechanics at ETH (  and I’ve been looking forward to coming back ever since. Since arriving here in Switzerland last week, my girlfriend and I have been visiting friends.  Zurich is probably my favorite city on the planet because it’s located next to a lake, has a river that runs through it, and is in close proximity to the Swiss Alps. Perfectly timed public transportation makes it accessible to travelers, and the climbing community is extremely welcoming.
Last weekend a few friends on the Swiss climbing team were competing in their bouldering national championship in Grindelwald.  This small village is located under the iconic Eiger, so we decided to make the trip to watch the competition. Rarely are my expectations met, however seeing the Eiger towering overhead of a cool competition venue was pretty awe-inspiring.
Today we have arrived to a rainy welcome at Magic Wood, however the weather looks to improve later on in the week. Hopefully a climbing related update will come soon!
Attached are a few pictures. I’ve added a few so you can choose for yourself!
Do you want higher quality pics?

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