Mad Rock @ OR! Photoblog

Mad Rock Climbing is at the OR Summer Market 2012!
At Booth #4037:

Lee, with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen in my life.
The Crew!
Chalk Bags!

The new Mountain Mama harness!

And while we wheel’n’ deal, mingle, and share stories at Booth #4037, we wondered:
What AMAZING ideas are out there, among the hundreds of outdoor retailers?

Here’s some of the things we’d like to share that we found on Day 1 with Nick Korda from Green Guru.

Green Guru Gear
Peapack Mittens (Keep Calm and Carry On)
Velo Bling Designs
“Bear Pong Floaty”
Holy moly, Batman!
AIR HOLE Face Masks
World Minded
BoomBotix External/Waterproof Speakers
(We thought this was a portaledge.)

And some misc. photos:

Ribz Front Packs
OtterBox’s creative booth banner
John Wayne Cancer Foundation
Paddle boarding’s ideal moment.
Saxx Underwear
Nic-Nak wearing an AirHole Mask
The Queen of Mittens at Peapack
“Oh deer. Someone capped another buck.”
Endurance Conspiracy

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