Juliane Wurm & G2 3rd in Adidas Rockstars!

G2 and Jule on right. Wait, is that Reinhold Messner?


“I just came back from a three weeks trip to Rocklands, South Africa. I climbed “Nutsa”, my first 8a+ and with “The Hatchling” and “Shallow Cave” – two 8a’s… I still have sooo many projects there and hope to return there next summer.

The amount of hard boulders there is just amazing and in the backround you have this stunning landscape… Wow…

Directly after arriving back in Germany at the Frankfurt Airport, I drove to Stuttgart for Adidas Rockstars, where I finished 3rd, which was a big surprise to me after 3 weeks of rock climbing outside. 🙂

Now, I’m training for the last world cup coming up in less than two weeks in Munich.”

Juliane Wurm

– See the results of the adidas Rockstars event here >>

– Watch the Event Trailer for the Munich Bouldering World Cup (Aug.25-26) >>

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