Meet Steve Lozano

Steve Lozano | Photo by Ben Moon


Age: 29

Home Town: Conifer, Colorado

Current Location: Portland, Oregon

When I was 15, a met Woodie, an old-school climber who became a good friend and mentor. He

bought me my first harness and belay device, and when I bought my second pair of shoes, I gave

him my first.

My first day outside with Woodie has stayed with me to this day. I knew little about the sport,

and nothing about impact or ethics. He took me to a little no-name crag and we spent the entire

first day sitting at the top of Bear Mountain, looking up at our climb. He told me how important

it is for climbers and mountaineers to have moments like this. I could remember the feeling of

excitement – not knowing what was ahead, but eager to climb.

I was fortunate to be living in Colorado, where climbing is in abundance. My father, Corando,

would drive me from crag to crag, where I met the Platte Rats of the South Platte. Every Tuesday

during the winter months, I would climb at Frontier Adventure with these dirt baggers. We

into the wee hours of the night. But summer is what I loved most. We went outside until there

was no light, attempting Sphinx Crack, a 5.13a and one of the harder routes around at the time.

The Rats were my climbing family, and every day we came back to our project, ready to get one

move higher.

I was lucky to have parents that supported my every adventure. When I packed up my Jeep,

ready to see what was out there in the world, my father was there with a hug, told me to be safe

and handed me a $20 bill. (When your starting out on a life adventure every dollar counts!)

My Mom (Jerry Jo) took me on my first trip to Yosemite Nation. She was more excited then me I

think, (or maybe I was just nervous staring at El Cap, looking at Salathe wall. She was proud and

it lifted me up. Having the love of your mother stand behind something you loved so much makes

you one of the strongest climbers out there.

My outdoor adventures have many highlights: from the early days in South Platte, to Vedauwoo,

Wyoming, to Salathe Wall in Yosemite National Park. Hiking the Appalachian Trail. Section hiking

on the Pacific Crest Trail. Catching waves or dropping a knee skiing the back woods of the great

Pacific Northwest. Spending as much time as I can high on the walls in Yosemite or Trout Creek,

my second home here in Oregon. Every outing offers an amazing experience and group of

climbers and people who bring positive energy to my life.

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