Jule Wurm: Three Weeks in Rocklands!

Pieces from Jule Wurm’s blog: Rocklands

(We translated as best we could)

Her best sends: Nutsa and Shallow Cave (both 8a)

“Other than that, I have advanced my great cuisine skills into a recipe:

Take a banana, and (depending on the size of the banana) approximately 4 – 6 pieces of chocolate. Now cut the banana lengthwise in the middle to put in the chocolate chunks – and eat straight from the grill. 😉 Highly recommended.

And I am still proud of this: we were on a rest day in Cape Town, and hiked to the top of Table Mountain! In the full heat of the midday sun… Not bad at all, for so those who don’t like hiking such as us… Unfortunately the 3-Week-Trip ended much too quickly, an I still have a lot of other boulders I wanted to send… So I believe I must go there again next year. 🙂

See her German blog and more photos here >> http://www.julianewurm.de/



One thought on “Jule Wurm: Three Weeks in Rocklands!

  1. i think i did something wrong… by the time i finished cutting the banana down the middle i ate all the chocolate… at that time my stomach started to hurt and my lunch was ruined… for dinner i will be modifying the recipe and i will directly put the banana and chocolate in my mouth at the same time.. i’ll keep you posted on how that works out

    keep sending!

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