Jule Wurm: The World Cup in Munich

After returning from the Rocklands, I spent the 2 weeks before Munich at the pool at 35 degrees C most mornings and afternoons in the gym. 😉

And then it was already time for Munich. 2 days training bouldering and off we went to the last World Cup of the season.

For some reason, I have been not climbing too well  recently in qualifications, so was a time of climbing torture… After me came 44 starters, and I had to helplessly watch from the stands at the screen as I did slipped further and further down the results.

At the end was in 16th place, and fortunately the last to move on, so I had preserved for myself at least a good starting place for the semi-finals.

As 5th Starter the next day, it was on. I topped all of boulders in a total of 10 attempts and was the third for the finals in the evening. I’d qualified! 😀 Apart from me unfortunately no one else from the German team made it to the finals.(Jonas was 10th with 2 tries too many.) Moni 13th and 18 Stefan.

A little stroll across the Olympic Park site and then I had to get back into the iso …

The final was like last year, the hammer! The crowd was full, the commentary was great and the boulders were fun. It was a bit sad that the focus came down to a Flash in finals, but I did fairly well.
So I was by the end 4 to 6 attempts, and third behind Akyio (4in4) and Anna (4in5).

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