Bouldering Sensation

This past weekend, a lot of climbers from north of France and Benelux were at Bleau in Belgium for an annual comp.

It was a contest with 40 problems of all different styles (slab, mantle, powerfull, endurance, dyno…).

And it lasts 3 days. Sunday is the session for the best climbers, followed by the final.

In this competition, we must send more than 30 problems to go into the final round. I was first of the contest, followed by Loic Timmermans, Jerome de Boeck, Kevin Lopata, Nicolas Farcy, and Jarno Zwiebel.


(earlier, Oct. 20th:)

After some easy climbs in the Font forest, we are forced to come back in the climbing gym Antrebloc because of the rain, as is normal for Font. We found two good pieces of news about the climbing gym: First, Antrebloc joined me as a Climbing Gym Partner – and second, they are holding their 14th birthday on the 27th of October with a competition – Antrecup! 

See Guillaume’s new gym partner here: Antrebloc.

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