Mary Harlan

Indian Creek, UT | Photo courtesy Celin Serbo

One thought on “Mary Harlan

  1. dberri: 1. You are quite definitive in your snetematts. No wiggle room, no sense that you think you could ever be wrong.2. More often than not (and I mean — far more often than not) you have no idea what you are talking about. Is the humor captured by anyone else, here? Please, I am engaging in the posts and not attacking anyone personally. I am trying to have discussion to make the posts better. For instance, I mentioned it would be interesting to see the numbers ran on just those playing starters minutes. Are there worse shooters among starters? I think this is far more interesting data than a subset involving guys playing 8mpg.What if the answer to the question for starters is no. that makes us reevaluate why lockouts hurt shooting, no?I am not defensive or all-knowing. The character limit makes me post quick and curt. Do not take offense.If you want to know why I discuss, it’s the same answer why you study the field. It’s interesting.

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