Bonnie de Bruijn on Aquatic Hitchhiker

Canadian athlete Bonnie de Bruijn sends Aquatic Hitchhiker V10 in Bishop, California.

The problem is compression and power, located in the Sad Caves.

The problem continues into a pumpy extension, Aquarium V12. Is this the next step?

Recently featured in Canada’s climbing magazine Gripped, Bonnie de Bruijn travels widely to famous bouldering areas, crushing various problems on her road trips, and is an inspiration to other motivated women climbers.

You can see her in Hueco here: Video of Bonnie on Something Different V8.

When I met Bonnie de Bruijn, she was working Aquatic Hitchhiker, V10 in Bishop. We were both pretty close. On my rests, I played with my dog. On hers, she held a new baby. I have huge respect for mothers who can balance climbing and family. -Athlete Tiffany Hensley

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