Guillaume Steps Up to the Big Dragon V12/8a+

Font is known for its technical tension problems with slopers. And Guittoo (G2) is just the man to send them. He wears the new Shark 2.0.

Big Dragon V12/8a+ in Fontainebleau, France

Guillaume in Big Dragon, 8A+, Fontainebleau from guittooo on Vimeo.

Guittoo also posted a list of his current sends and running projects:

“Big Dragon, 8A+, Petit bois
Le grand angle du fond, 8A, Cuvier rempart
L’art de la fugue, 8A, rocher St Germain
Supplément d’Armes assis, 7C/+, Rocher Gréau
Biceps dur, 7C+, Bas cuvier
Atomic playboy, 7C+, Buthiers
Jeu t’es fou assis, 7C, Rocher Gréau
Le mur du son, 7C, Petit bois
List of my next project wich I tried:
Partage, 8A+, Buthiers
Khéops assis, 8B+, Cuvier rempart
Angama, 8C, Coquibus
Le toit du gréau, 8A, and so Chaos, 8B, Rocher Gréau
Délire onirique, 8A+/B, Rocher St Germain
SuperTanker, 8B+, Cuvier Rempart”

Source: G2’s blog

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