G2: The Legends Only Competition

Adam Ondra, CZE
Dmitry Sharafutdinov, RUS
Jakob Schubert, AUT
Sean McColl, CAN
Guillaume Glairon Mondet, FRA

Chief route setter:
Shauna Coxsey, GBR


Says G2: “I just came back from an awesome weekend in Sweden, for the Sportiva Legends Only Competition. Upon my arrival in Stockholm, snow falls, it is very cold, but no matter, we will soon have a hot climbing session opened by chief setter Shauna Coxey, as well as strong local climbers.

I had just enough time to drink some coffee to chat with other legends arriving after me and Sean, and some time for warming up. One stunning moment of the weekend, I saw Adam succeed (or almost) his first one arm pull up, and while other competitors were ble to do 5 or more… But that was nothing, because just after that, he continued his warm up by climbing a crimpy problem in a roof, and I was not able to do one single move.

Since I was not prepared for this level of competition, my goal was to take full advantage of climbing with thies stars, and also try not be about the last ranking. So I had the opportunity to attain my goal, climbing on very motivating problems, and beating Adam, who is for me the best climber of the world. You rock.”
Read more about the climbs, the limo, and competition at his blog: http://guillaumeglaironmondet.blogspot.com/


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