G2 Sending Supertanker V14/8B+

HD Vimeo clip of G2 sending Supertanker 8B+.

G2: “Today was an awesome day for me in Font! …. Maybe it’s the problem which I am proud of MOST because it was hard to find enough energy for this effort. Or maybe because this one took me lot sessions to send it… I had even done all the moves last year, and it took me 4 sessions this year to send it, and about 10 attempts. I was falling on the last two moves. I also planned to send it for my birthday, it was a goal this rainy day. Video of my success:”

He’s also wearing the Shark 2.0 😉

Read the full account of G2’s rainy send here >> Guillaume’s somewhat translated blog.

Supertanker 8B+, Fontainebleau from guittooo on Vimeo.

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