Jule Wurm: Life, and 3 Days in Font

Credit: The eccentric and eclectic Udo Neumann
Credit: The eccentric and eclectic Udo Neumann

After having passed my exams at university, my life is now again about climbing.

The last weeks, I got so psyched for climbing outside. My days were usually like this: wake up, study, study, study and a little gym-session in the evening, then again the next day – study, study, study, and gym in the evening. It was also fun, but now I´m happy about 2 months of holidays and SO psyched for the first Worldcups in March.

Last Sunday we (my brother and our national coach) decided to drive to Font for three days, even if the weather forecast wasn´t at its best.

We slept in a cheap hotel in Nemour and went to the following areas: Toit du cul du chien, Potala and again toit du cul du chien.

Unluckily, the forecast didn´t change, so in the morning it was always a little wet and slippery.

As so often in Font I only did some easy stuff and some slabs that should be easy according to the guidebook. But if you weren´t born in Font and didn´t grew up on these tiny little footholds, they feel pretty hard.

Now, after this short trip, my motivation continues to increase, so I’ve decided to drive to Tessin tomorrow for another week on rocks.

Two days later:

MadRock,  I´m in Ticino right now… It´s my first time here and it´s fantastic! So good to climb on rocks… I did my first 8a of the trip today. Fake Pamplemousse in Brione. Later on we wanted to go to molunk (7c) but it began to snow 😦 .

I´m psyched to climb more!

Thanks for updating us, Wurm!

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