O’Rourke, Rob D Crush in Joe’s Valley

Watch this great video handmade by young Mike himself.

Did he send everything he tried?
Mike: “Well I tried Black Lung again this year and made a little progression on it, but I feel like I’ll need to dedicate a nice portion of the next trip to it if I want to send.”

[Ed. Note: We were in Joe’s the week after he left and tried Beyond Life and Gentleman’s Project. He makes these problems look much easier than they are.]

O’Rourke, D’Anastasio – V13’s In Joe’s Valley from Mad Rock Climbing on Vimeo.

Problems in order of appearance:

Mike on:
Gentleman’s Project v11
Big Joe Left V11
Beyond Life V10
We Call Him Michael V10
Slasher V13

Rob on:
Death Scream V10
Scrawny and Brawny V10
Blackout V13