Todd and The Dangers of Belize

Todd Swain has been developing climbs with local guides in the country of Belize.

We finally asked what dangers he has to look out for whiles he’s tramping around jungles and climbing cliffs.

When he answered, we though, “Todd, you’re a brave man.”


There is a snake the locals refer to as a “two stepper”.

Once bitten, you have two steps before you drop. [Ed note: We looked this up. There’s super gruesome images on Google from these snakes.]


Found in cracks and under stuff on ledges on the cliffs.


They hang out in the caves and overhangs on the cliffs.

Africanized (killer) bees:

Hives are found on many cliffs in Belize.

Poisonwood Tree:

Emits an X-Files-like black sap that causes your skin to blister and ooze, like a bad case of poison oak or ivy.

The Give and Take Tree:

Bark is heavily covered in cactus-like spikes that easily tear through gloves, shoes and clothing.

And there’s more…

“Because 65% of Belize is limestone, and where we are going is within the limestone area, we have to watch out for sinkholes and cenotes. With the dense jungle cover, it’s possible to step/fall into a hole in the limestone and break a leg.”

Belize Magazine, Dangerous Things in Belize

So like we said: Todd, you’re a brave man. Keep developing.