Jule Wurm and GG: Worldcup Chongqing

Jule Wurm wrote us about the World Cup!


Comps in China are always a crazy experience. The host city for this Worldcup, same as last year, is Chongqing, with 30 million inhabitants, the biggest city in the world.

But it’s not only the number of people living there, it’s also the food that is different of what we´re used to. Either it’s too spicy to eat anything, or you don´t know what you eat, because nobody can explain it in English.

Then there’s the comp, which is also different from European or US ones. First we took part in the opening ceremony, and after the climbing nations presented, we watched about 100 children performing dance, basketball, badminton and many more, synchronously, on the stage.

The comp was very well organized and all the boulders were fun. The only thing that is always a little bizarre in China is that during the finals, it’s very crowded – but nobody encourages the athletes. The public barely cheers, which creates a creepy atmosphere.

Actually, I was satisfied with my performance in semi’s. But in the end I got 7th, on account of one attempt. Nevertheless climbing felt good, and I think I’m in a good shape. [Ed. Note: Jule’s been in fulltime school, and has not been training long!)

Now I’m back home for almost two weeks, and training a lot. Next World Cup is coming up this weekend! PSYCHED!

Anyway, I’m happy that I travelled to China, because even though it might all sound awkward, the journeys to China always stay in my mind for a long time because it’s always a big adventure!

Thanks for the update, Jule! We imagine the US ABS Nationals with it’s full house, and no one cheering – that would definitely give us the creeps. Wonder why they don’t cheer?

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Feature Photo: Jule in the World Cup. Credit Udo Neumann