“Best Moms in the World” – KidProject

As a mom, I really don’t know what to think about Mother’s Day. Have you ever wished on Mother’s Day to send the kids off with dad and take the day off? But then for Father’s Day I expect my husband to take the kids off on some fun trip, and give me the day off too. icon smile The best moms in the world... Hahaha.

But instead of taking this Mother’s Day to celebrate me, I want to celebrate all the moms around me urging me on. Motherhood is perhaps the single greatest race I will ever run. It is an endurance sport. It pushes me past what I believed is my upper limit. It demands dedication. Vision. Perseverance. Courage. And the best part? This race started when I was at my worst. After three days of no sleep, carrying thirty extra pounds, hormonal, and unaware of what was coming – I was thrust into this thing called “being a mom.”
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