Bonnie de Bruijn (CAN): World Cup Training

How does Bonnie, a mother and student, train for the World Cup in Canada?Here’s seven key points.

She responded:

Training for the cup has basically meant incorporating circuits into my routine (every 3rd session) for 6 weeks leading up to the competition.

1) I started with 4-problem circuits, then went to 5.

2) I’m going to do a 6-problem circuit this weekend, and then bring it back down to 5.

3) I began with “4 mins on, 4 mins off”, then increased to “5 mins on, 5 mins off”.

4) Finally, I started with slightly easier problems (that I would continually try to repeat within the time limit) and every week I increased the difficulty of the problems (maxing at what I’m expecting at the comp).

This is basically to prepare for the qualifier format at the World Cup.

5) Also, I’m lucky to have a couple of good friends at the gym who are helping set unique and varying “world cup” style problems that I try to flash.

6) I keep training power by working hard problems.

7) I supplement all of this with some core and campus training when I can (not going to lie, as a mom and full-time grad student, that last part doesn’t always happen!)

Thanks for the insight, Bonnie! Ten MR athletes compete in World Cups this year.
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