Jule Wurm’s Big Win

Jule Wurm writes about winning the Innsbruck World Cup!

Jule Wurm Competes

Emotional rollercoaster these days…
After my epic fail last week in Slovenia, I was really frustrated and even thinking about not competing in Innsbruck, but going training instead. 🙂

But then then next training sessions felt pretty good, and I decided to participate in Innsbruck. Maybe the best descicion I took for this year.
Qualifiers went well, as well as semis, and I was reaaally happy to be in the final again! I know that, in finals. everything is possible, but I wasn’t even dreaming about winning…

But then, everything just worked out perfectly! First boulder – flash, second boulder- flash, third boulder – second go… WOW, I knew I was leading and I could win, if I flash the last one…I had the last boulder in my mind: CRIMPS. Ahhh!

I tried to focus, but not too much, so as to not get too nervous. During the first three boulders, time passed fast, but as I waited for the last boulder, 10 minutes seemed like ages.

I was trying to remember each detail of the boulder together with Anna and Mélissa. It’s soooo nice to compete with them in a friendly atmosphere!!

Then it was my turn. I didn’t feel extremely nervous, but I only wanted to flash it really hard!
Few seconds later my dream became true. I flashed the last boulder (soo close ;)) and won my first world cup in front of Anna Stöhr (with one more try…) and Akyio Noguchi.
I walked down from the stage, took a look at the screen and saw that Jan won as well!! Such an emotional evening!
Awarding ceremony felt really good too eventhough it was a little overwhelming opening the champagne-bottle! 🙂

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