Zach Lerner: V13 …And Then Some.

When he’s not in the lab, he’s sending V13. Zach has sent Bear Toss V13, Exfoliator V12, and Unshackled Sit V11 (at about the same time Michael O’Rourke sent both the last two). Zach is also working hard alpine V14/15 projects, but high temperatures allow for only so much sending.

Zach managed a flash of Unshackled Sit, V11, and says he had been obsessing over giving the problem a proper flash burn, studying several videos. He also added that while the problem truly is a stellar line on perfect rock.  (Video coming soon.)

This Mad Athlete is also a mad scientist – what’s going on here? “Air-powered muscles,” Zach says. Zach actually studies muscle movement in the lab where he works.

Fun “Vacation” video, from Zach Lerner’s site:

Bear Toss V13
Zach Lerner on Bear Toss V13
Exfoliator V12
Zach Lerner on Exfoliator V12