Jule Wurm: Epics in Munich

Jule in Heatwave
Jule training in the European heat wave

MRC Pro Juliane Wurm talks about the Munich World Cup.

I was really excited before the last Worldcup and felt in a good shape. The week before I went skating in a skatepark almost every day. It was always so much fun with my brother. Although I knew that climbing competition and skating is not the best combination I always had a hard time to stop. Wednesday we had a really good last climbing session with the german and japanese team in Nürnberg. So two more days to hang out in Munich.  On Thursday my brother and I went skating again and boooom… I hurt my ankle. It got worse and worse during the day. In the evening our physio arrived. I was already very said and almost sure that I couldn’t compete… Dominik gave me a super good massage and taped my ankle and the competition was coming back to my mind!

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