Chris Nance: Photos of Myanmar (Burma)

#MRC Expeditionist Nance takes stunning rural photos of a restless country between Bangladesh and Thailand.

Chris was out to summit and confirm the elevation of the newly crowned highest mountain named Gamlang Razi in Myanmar, with the Myanmar American Friendship Gamlang Razi Expedition Group.

It took 20 minutes at the summit to collect the necessary GPS data, and their success is shared with the folks at Mad Rock. We were happy to donate gear and equipment for the expedition and to TCCM.

Myanmar Expedition 2013Chris was supposed to head out from his camp to the US, but his leave was delayed by civil unrest.

Myanmar is so beautiful a country, that Chris claims, “[My photos] do not do it justice.”

Hard to believe there is a past of violent tension between Muslims and Buddhists!

– Mad Rock Staff