Jule Wurm: Fontainebleau

Jule writes a funny blog about Font. And make yourself promise to Font go one year.

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I spent the last few days of my summer break in Fontainebleau. I drove to Font with my brother. Jan and a few friends already had some good days there and awaited us at our house. We were hosted in a very comfy gite [cabin] with a fireplace in the living room with the  Team MadRock Germany and Netherlands.

Our short trip began a little sadly… It rained cats and dogs the first day so we were sitting in the gite the first 24 hours. Meanwhile my brother became a chief in firescience and heated the whole house to 40 degrees. Even though it rained some crazy guys of our team  went on a mushroom furay in the forest. So in the evening we ate Bruscetta a le funghi and BBQ.

Then the weather became better. On our second day the streets were still wet but the sky was blue and the sun was shining. To let the boulders dry and in order to test our patience skills we visited one of the bakerys and bought baguette, pain aux figues, eclaires, pain au chocolat, quiches au saumon,… Afterwards we drove super motivated to “Hautes Plaines”, but…. it was too wet… Next stop: Aprement. Luckily most of the boulders were dry so we climbed some nice 7a´s and encouraged Jan in sending Apparement Bas in the evening.

For the second day MadRock had organized some photo shoots. Together with Bram Berkien as a photographer we went to Gorges aux Oiseaux to take some pictures of Jan and then to Roche au Sabots where I posed for the camera :). After we finished the photo shoot I was quite motivated to try “Salle gosse”. I had already tried this boulder a few years ago, but I didn´t figure out how to do the last move.

This time I tried  he two different betas. It felt quite good to me to take the intermediate hold and go to the top with the left hand. Once I reached the top I came down and checked the sitdown start… A few minutes later I stood on the top of the boulder and was super happy!!