Jule Wurm Wins Hueco Rock Rodeo

The crew on their rest day, baking from the heat.

The MR Team CRUSHED the Hueco Rock Rodeo. Here’s what happened.

Will Mott showed up with the Mad Rock Booth. This booth supplemented with 2014 Mad Rock catalogs, free KAVU tacos from Team Manager Tiffany Hensley, and the ever-awesome box of Mad Rock’s special Franzia wine for Rock Rodeo participants.

Jule Wurm won first in the Hueco Rock Rodeo with a number of hard sends, climbing alongside MR athlete Jan Hojer.

Victoria Gezel won the Dyno Competition for her category.

Tiffany Hensley sent Chupacabra, V10, with the helpful motivation of Mad Rock Athlete Quincy Conway and his friend Ben.


Photos From Tiffany’s Rock Rodeo Experience