The 16-Year-Old

MR Pro Megan talks about ABS Nationals.

The New Year of Climbing

MR Megan M

This past month could very well be the best one of my life: I had the opportunity to compete in both youth and open

nationals. Lucky for me, the comps were held in my hometown Colorado Springs. I went into these nationals with high expectations, and struggled to push those thoughts out of my head and focus on climbing. This is only the second year I can compete in Open because of my age.

I was very surprised that I made USA team! And I am extremely proud to have placed third b

ehind Puccio and Mad Rock athlete Juliane Wurm! There is something so amazing at these comps, when you turn around and see the climb for the first time. There is always so much excitement in that moment. The route always has a little surprise, something new and challenging to try!

The last day of youth nationals was my favorite. The climbs were pure fun, with all sorts of jumps and toe hooks galore! The last two reminded me why my love of climbing is so strong – I just felt joy!

This year, my climbing has felt different than ever before. I have spent more time this year training, both mentally and physically. My main goal was to center my focus. It seemed as if the months roamed by till nationals was here, right before my eyes. This nationals felt different than most comps I’ve done in the past. I was at my house and attending school instead of waiting at a hotel till it was time for isolation to open. I think that was a positive thing for me. I felt more calm and

composed, like I was at home. Hey! I definitely had the support of my community this weekend.

My next goal in climbing is to do more of the world cup competitions. My main motivation for training is the Vail mountain games. There are so many amazing climbers in the world, its both intimidating and encouraging at the same time. I also plan on doing my first international world event in France this summer. I think I can gain a lot of experienc

e from branching out to new and bigger competitions. Hopefully I can stay out there for a while a get on some outdoor routes, see some sights, and most of all eat some food! With all that in mind, it’s almost harder for me to take a break and rest than it is to train hard! While I rest though I am look forward to being able to spend some time with the random hobbies that seemed t

Whoop! I definitely look forward to everything else this year has in store for my climbing; I’m along for the ride!o have been neglected over the past few months.

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