Jonas Winter On The Road in Europe

Eccentric German climber Jonas Winter talks about his funny, light-hearted climbing videos.

jonas winter pulling cart1) Jonas, you make amazingly rendered videos. What inspired you to make them? Are you in school for videography?

Thank you for the compliment! I was just always into the nice scene that exists at a bouldering/climbing spot, and the funny movements we are all trying to do on a rock. I also cut and edit very short films, and ended up combining these two interests. I really try to give the audience a clue about what climbing and bouldering outdoors has to offer besides the obvious difficult physical effort. It’s not easy to find the perfect mix of these two aspects.

Right now, I am completely unprofessional. The only reason why my videos don’t look completely terrible is because of the age of YouTube and Tutorials, which can enable even an idiot like myself to understand the basics of video cutting.

2) Why the name ClimbToHeaven?

Because of the way I created this nice little climbing figure that I have in my logo, I actually just needed an word with with an H… climb to heaven seemed a more sympathetic name than climb to hell.
I like to see thinks a little more positively. I underestimated the religious aspect it created, but on the other hand, I’m sure that in a world with a climbing religion, things would be a little bit better.

3) You have been climbing for a long time. What are you favorite adventures in climbing? We saw that you competed in a competition over water – a Psichobloc competition?

Well I started kind of late for my generation, at the age of 12. I think you can have a lot of different adventures in climbing such as being completely lost in a multi-pitch route with a mad friend. Or arriving completely pumped out of your mind at the anchor of your project. Or topping out a nice boulder in Fontainebleau, with the evening sun shining in your face.

I think for me it is exactly this variety of adventures we have in climbing that fascinate me.

Yes, the competition was a perfectly organized kind of scene competition earlier this year called Hardmoves. I think it was a presentation of how well climbing can be integrated with a stage, and assured me that climbing really can be interesting for people who aren’t familiar with it. That has been a problem which we have all faced: trying to explain our weird hobby to a friend.

MR Jonas Winter

4) There must be a story about you that we would find interesting. What is it?

Maybe that one of the first times I top roped in a gym, I ended up panicking and crying at the top. Or that I was on a football [soccer] team for two years, and never shot a goal.

5) What projects do you have planned for the future, either for climbing or videos?

Right now, having been released from school prison, I try to spend lots of time on European rock. I’m on a little 8 month trip. I want to spent some time doing what I like to do at the moment, before going back to annoying thinks like working, building responsibilities…and during this time, I will try to capture some of the thinks I get to see, on some little videos.