Jesse Grupper: First 14a and Youth Nat’l Win

Jesse Grupper goes on the road to send his first .14a, and win his first youth nationals.

Jesse Grupper places first in his catagory at Youth Nationals - Photo By: Dave Harmanos
Photo By: Dave Harmanos

Jesse Grupper:

I have been on the road for a while…At the beginning of my summer, I went on my annual trip to the Red River Gorge. I’m super excited to say that I sent my first 5.14a, Omaha Beach, after only four tries! A couple of days later I flashed Angry Birds, 13c, as well as Dirty Smelly Hippie, a 13b! I also had fun slab climbing and sent You Take Sally, 5.11d, my hardest slab send to date! This was amazing for me! I can’t remember having so many amazing sends in the hottest months of the year. And my success didn’t stop then! I then traveled with my team to Youth SCS Nationals, one of my favorite competitions of the year. For four days I worked my butt off climbing against some of the strongest competitors in the country. I’m super psyched to report that I won Nationals for the first time in six years! I actually did so well that I would’ve beaten all of the Junior competitors, who are one to two years older than me, as well! Therefore, I qualified to be on the National Team! I’m now eligible to compete in Worlds as well as Pan-Ams.

Jesse Grupper send his first 14a, Omaha Beach - Photo By: Zoe Steinberg
Jesse Grupper send his first 14a, Omaha Beach – Photo By: Zoe Steinberg