Tiffany Hensley: Dreaming & Training With Two Jobs

… It’s not so bad.

Photo by: Gareth Leah

Anyone can work full time and train hard for their projects.

The other week I listened to Beyondtalks at a local brewery. TNF’s MountainAthletics program, with Cedar Wright as the coach, was helping two men FA a new 5.12 in Yosemite Valley around their 9-5 job.

That’s great, I thought, then blithely: That’ll happen to me one day when I’m old.

A week later I walked into a gear store a found myself with a second job. I’ve been training for the upcoming Psicobloc competition the same week Team WallE summits Quandary peak to raise money for The Colorado 54, and now my training time was looking thin.

I started thinking my climbing life would just become a dream, something to think about while I worked.

bsr sports dream

Surprisingly, the experience has thrown me back to Biology class, when I would get in early to grab a seat behind the classroom’s full work counter. When the professor crawled through a slow slideshow of DNA particles, I snuck in sets of pushups to the great entertainment of my seat mate. Being in lenient public school, I did the same in guitar class. Tony was a great friend of mine who dreamed of being a police officer and we trained almost together every day, climbing the football goal posts, the buildings, and getting into competitions when we were supposed to learn Greensleeves on an acoustic.

So what do I do now?

I sneak in what I can at work: I stretch a lot, drink tons of water, and order salads. Both before and after work, I get in a short run or long hike, and at night I train at Movement Climbing + Fitness and boulder at The Spot.

These past few weekends, my friends will help me carpool escape to the mountains to hike – this is a great weekly kick in the ass, and a chance to bring back inspiring images to get me amped for the next weekend.

So it’s a new kind of balance, but it’s a new kind of balance that I love. Life is about exploring every direction, whenever you can, and finding gems in the most unexpected struggles and moments.

And like my friend Swags once told me:

Always have three things going on at once.

Shot from Mt Sherman, a 14er in the #CO54