Megan Mascarenas: WC in Vail

Hello everybody! I am very excited to talk about my most recent experiences of the 2014 world cup in Vail, Colorado.

Being both born and raised in Colorado made the whole experience feel extra special for me and I found a lot of motivation in this. The air, weather and whole ambience felt like home for me. So, going into this comp I felt more prepared than almost any previous comp before. I felt good while warming up for qualifiers and that transferred onto my first 5 climbs.

All seemed well the first day. However, the next day I was more tired than I thought I’d be. Warming up again for semi’s, I felt weaker and less confident. But then it was amazing what a few wise words from an experienced competitor and friend can do to lift the spirits. Despite a tough warm up I found my psyche on the wall and managed to make it to finals in second place! That alone was more than I could have hoped for in Vail!

As finals rolled around it was back in to isolation. It is amazing what you learn from the seasoned climbers like how relaxed, focused and confident they are. To my surprise, the second round warm up is less “warming up,” but more so shaking out the fatigue and small stretching before going out to the wall.

While sitting behind the wall in the second isolation it was hard stay relaxed, thinking about the climbs ahead can make your heart beat faster and your palms sweat instantly. Finally! The time that I have been waiting for, imagining, and reimagining for the past years of my life! It’s climb time! Oddly enough for me though, my heart beat the fastest after matching the finish hold on problem 1, rather than while waiting to climb. I could hear it pounding in my head! The second and third climb challenged me the most. There were moves I was unfamiliar with; ones I can only assume come with more comp experience. Harder than the moves for me, was keeping my head on straight. Focus. Breath. Don’t rush. It is to easy to panic and jump repeated at the climb as the clock winds down, but patience is key. I was slightly disappointed from those two climbs till I saw the last climb of the comp. This final climb was for me. I was no longer nervous or anxious. The climb was there, it was mine, and I wanted it. Finishing that climb had to be one of the happiest moments of my life. I lost all feeling of being pumped, all mental limits I had, and any doubt that I could do this. I did not care what place I was in, how many falls, unfinished climbs or flashes I had that day. It was all I needed, and worth every minute of training I’d done to get there. I am a firm believer that I received the energy from the USA crowd!! With two tops, I am proud to finish in 4th place! I can’t wait till next year to compete again!