Redline Pro Review: Rob D.

To date, I’ve only had the chance to climb in the Redlines a handful of times, but a fresh pair feels good to take out of the box and put on your foot for the first time. The shoe has an aggressive, confident air without being too loud. A closer look reveals more subtle features like the elastic that keeps the tongue right where it needs to be, and translucent friction material along the top and outside of the shoe for toe hooking.
The Redlines take some coaxing to get into but are surprisingly comfortable for a high performance shoe with an aggressive downturn. The rubber is good to go right out of the box, but as someone who prefers a broken in shoe I’m looking forward to see how they feel “mid-life.” I feel like the rubber patch on the top of the big toe is a great toe-hooking asset for a shoe that also has the down turn to pull through steeper terrain.
I’ve had a great first impression of the Redlines and will have more to say as I get to know them more intimately, but at this point I expect them to be my go-to shoe.

-Rob D’Anastasio


Obe Carrion’s RedLines were Rob’s choice of shoe at the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.