RedLine Pro Review: Peter Dixon

A RedLine review from Peter Dixon, who just placed 2nd at Portland Boulder Rally.

peter dixon

With a fits-like-a-glove feel these high quality performance shoes have unique technical properties warranting serious attention.  As you enter the shoe you’ll notice the new molded compression tongue which actually makes this shoe wear more like a slipper than a lace up.  The upper is perforated for breathability and contains a silicon frame enabling a more custom stretch and fit.  Right out of the box the RedLines feel aggressive and a bit stiff.  Give them a week or so to break in and, other than the distinct advantage they afford your climbing, you’ll forget you’ve got em on.  I recommend upsizing about a half size from other Mad Rock shoe styles or trying on your street shoe size first.


Down-turned toe and stiff midsole make this shoe excellent for overhung climbing and precise edging.  I recently tried them out on some beach side terrain and was impressed with the their performance on overhanging, slippery, water polished rock.  My feet felt solid on micro edges and slick smears.  With the new power tape added to the toe box you can be sure these shoes won’t have any of the “bulging “ commonly associated with aggressive shoes.

Top of the Line ____________

Designed by Mad Rock athlete Obe Carrion these downturned rock shoes are masters of performance, fit, and function.  More aggressive than your typical Mad Rock shoe and packed with new designs and exceptional technology RedLine’s make a reliable partner on any climbing trip, yet truly find their stride on steep, overhanging projects.  They’ve already become indispensable in my own shoe quiver, and a grab-n-go for projects requiring precise edging or overhanging foot placements.  I love the secure feel of the molded compression tongue and the added heel hook security of the heel clutch system.  Being someone who typically climbs in more soft and sensitive shoe styles I was impressed with the feel of Red Lines.  This is perhaps because of the patented concave sole and spiral last.  Once broken in, the payoff is they conform and stretch to my foot shape and seem to hold that shape indefinitely. The look of this shoe strikes a new cord gaining full marks for curb side appeal.  On balance they’re an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced climbers looking for a high performance shoe with the most up to date fit and technology.

– Peter Dixon