Zach Lerner, Repeat and 5.14 FA in Poudre Caynon // Video

This month I had the pleasure of putting some time into a new sport route in the “Narrows” of the Poudre Canyon in Northern Colorado at a cliff, called “The Beach”, which is somewhat of a misnomer. (Check out the video!) The wall is short and steep, and the climbing packs a punch. For a boulderer, like myself, it’s a great intro into climbing on a rope. The style is actually really enjoyable. The holds are small and the moves are powerful, so by the end of the day you are going home with noodle arms.

The route I put some time into was called the Chocolate Stout project, which climbs out immaculate Colorado granite on an obvious “black” feature. The crux revolves around a series of powerful thrutches to flat edges combined with “intricate” foot moves.

Take a look: