Take a Peek at Rob D’s Training Regiment

Training Regiment with Rob D’Anastasio


“This training regiment is designed to get in shape for alpine climbing season.  I began the training on 4/5, the same week as my first alpine climbing day of 2015, and will be keeping track of workouts completed and progress made.  The regiment will be modified as I get a feel for how much, and of what, I’m able to do.  My idea here is to have a flexible workout schedule, with a quota of different workouts to complete over a seven day cycle.

Every week I will attempt to complete a predetermined quantity of workouts in each category.  As I complete workouts day by day and fatigue, I can go on choosing workouts that I feel fresh enough to complete, or tone down workouts for areas of the body that are still recovering.  Below are a few guidelines I’ve adopted:

  • Any climbing or pull-up workout that I feel too sore to complete can be substituted for a 3 mile run
  • There’s no excuse for not completing core or cardio workouts
  • A decent hike to a climbing area can substitute a cardio workout
  • Outdoor climbing can substitute an appropriate power or power-endurance training workout

Check out the chart of workouts to be completed on a weekly basis.  I’ve got a few weeks logged in, I guess I thought I was in better shape when I made this workout!”

Last alpine season I figured out a few things about the nature of the climbing in these areas; its crimpy, core intensive, and hiking can be the red-point crux of the day.  These are the challenges I am trying to target with this regiment.  Last year I was going to RMNP about twice a week and taking the rest days I needed to be fresh for those days when I would go and try my project.  That caused me to rest more often than necessary, and I’m changing that MO this year.  Now I intend only to rest when my body requires it, and not for when I need to be fresh to send a project.  Instead I’ll try a project second or third day on, perhaps fail, and rest the day after.  In the short term, projects may not go down as quickly, but I feel in the long run I’ll end up in better shape and able to complete projects more quickly in the future.